How I Helped Myself With My Self-sabotage Issue

I used to think of myself as a successful person because I had goals and was working hard towards financial freedom. I decided to go for an astrology consultation because I felt that I could benefit from understanding myself through the chart and that I would grow as a person.

The astrologer I worked with was very helpful. He helped me realize that my own attitude was an issue. I used to think of myself as someone who was a realist and who always made rational decisions. My astrologer pointed out that I sometimes sabotaged my own projects by being too negative.

I started thinking about what the astrologer said and realized that this pattern of self-sabotage had been present in my life for a long time. I chose easy classes in college because I didn’t think I could get good grades by taking the most difficult classes. I gave up on a lot of projects because I felt I couldn’t be successful.

Life coaching with astrology has helped me realize that I often adopt a negative outlook on things even though there is no need to. I am more aware of the thoughts I have and of the attitude I adopt and this has really helped me become a better person. Changing the way I think and feel about things has not been easy but it was definitely worth it.

Realizing that I had been self-sabotaging a lot of projects was important because it helped me feel better about things that I used to consider as failures in my past. I think this new outlook on things is going to help me achieve my goals because I am not going to stop the next time I have doubts about my abilities to do something.

The more I thought about my own problems with negativity and self-sabotaging and the more I realized that I wasn’t the only one with this problem. A lot of my relatives and friends have been doing the same thing with their projects without even realizing that their attitude is the main obstacle that is keeping them from being successful.

I think life coaching with astrology has really made a difference for me. My view from astrology world has expanded my horizons. I have learned to focus on the positive and to always look for a solution and a way to move forward instead of letting negativity and failures keep me down. Become aware of my self-sabotage issue definitely took me one step closer to achieving my goal of financial freedom!