Why Is Music Important In Weddings Around The World?

For most wedding receptions, selecting music could either be done by hiring a DJ or by hiring a live band. Of the two, hiring a DJ usually involves a more hands-on approach. Most couples opt for professional DJs since they know how to work with a crowd and keep the reception going. Moreover, a professional DJ can read a crowd's reaction and determine whether the songs being played are going over well.

Basics of Wedding and Commitment


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Couples can decide to do their ceremonies in different ways to affirm their coming together in marriage. Commitment ceremonies are some of these events, which can be arranged in celebrating getting into the ‘knot’. These are done either religiously, or secular, they may be complex or just simple events. But most of the time, they are done to publicly affirm marriage by such couples whose marriage cannot be allowed by the law as gays, lesbians and transgender.

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