Simple Tips To Help You Become More Aware Of The Present Moment

Was there ever a time when you suddenly felt like you just woke up from a deep sleep, and realize that days, months or even years just passed by like a blur? Like for example when youre driving and you just realized that youve already arrived at your destination. It may seem surreal, but it can really happen. One of the main reasons for this is because your mind wasnt really there, right at the very moment that you were driving. You might have been thinking about an event that happened a week ago, or busy thinking about your trip next month.

Its true that it can be quite a challenge to learn how to stay focused in the present moment. It just seems natural to sometimes have our minds drifting into the past, or maybe in the future, but not in the here and now. However, its important to learn how to become mindful of what is going on within you and in your surroundings in the present. Otherwise, you wont be able to truly experience life as it happens. If you want to enjoy every single moment in your life, you need to find ways to help you become more aware of the present moment, such as practicing mindfulness, or just simply taking deep breaths.

To learn more about mindfulness, please watch the video below.

Heres a simple exercise that you might find helpful. As youre reading the next few words in this article, try to read the words slowly. Read each word one at a time, and as you continue to read, try to listen to your surroundings. Do you hear anything? What kind of sound do you hear? Pay attention to the sound and try to determine what youre feeling right now. Do you feel tired? Are you comfortable seated? Now pay attention to the way you breathe. Are you breathing fast or slow? Take the time to simply allow yourself to observe all of these things. Savor the moment, and youll realize that its only when you pay attention to any of these things that youre able to appreciate them more.

Understand that if youre not mindful enough to focus yourself in the present moment, what usually happens is that youd be getting on through the day on autopilot. It means youll only be reacting automatically without taking the time to carefully think about your actions first and what the possible consequences will be. Understand that when you dont take the time to live in the present moment, you wont be able to make the most of your life. Instead, youll only end up watching your days pass by, and even your goals slip away with time.