Should I Buy An Air Purifier To Kill Coronavirus? do I Need An Air Purifier?does An Air Purifier Kill The Coronavirus?what Exactly Does An Air Purifier Do?

I hadnt really considered this beforehand.
Due to the coronavirus isolation we are often trapped inside
listening to lots of television and seeing lots of ads for things
we might not have considered buying beforehand.

People swear by these kinds of products for various reasons.
however, I am not really sure about this as yet.
I obviously need to do some research on this topic.
What does an air purifier do?

Air purifiers do exactly what they say: they purify
the air. But. Of what? And. For what reason?

It seems there are air purifiers with different kinds of filters
inside. The different filters have different degrees of cleaning.
A firm called: Filter Makers states this about air purifiers:
Our filters remove a range of contaminants from the air
– Dust
– Pollutants
– Bacteria and fungi
– Viruses
– Smoke
– Pollen
– Allergy inducing substances such as animal fur, and
– Chemicals

So, the objective is to remove the contaminants from the air.
Sounds good. But they do not mention that they actually kill
the bacteria or viruses.

How effective are these air purifiers?

Filter Makers go on to say that:
– They clean the air of dust and allergy causing pollutants
– They also say that their filters are efficient.
however, they do not say they kill viruses.

The Benefits of an Air Purifier

Research indicates that some filters can trap bacteria and viruses.
Some air purifier makers say that these filters can kill bacteria which
cause allergies.
Some say that they can also trap viruses.
However, they do not claim to be able to actually kill these bacteria
or viruses.
Does an Air Purifier Kill the Corona Virus?

The coronavirus appears to travel via droplets in the air, and also
via the transmission due to people touching surfaces and leaving
traces of it on surfaces.

Very few people talk about transmission via the air.
In actuality, air purifiers are supposed to remove contaminants.
They are for the benefit of asthmatics and allergy suffers who have
an issue with dust, and the mites contained within the dust particles.

Air purifiers can also reduce or eliminate tobacco smoke.
The filters can also trap viruses that float in the air, however,
they cannot say that the coronavirus can be killed.

Manufacturers do state that an air purifier is not a substitute
for good hygiene. You still have to wash your hands and wipe surfaces.
They can clear the air of germs but only to a limited degree.

Do I Need an Air Purifier?

I dont have allergies.
I am not an asthmatic.
Yes. There are household chemicals in the air, which
I can live with.
I do have cats.
I do not smoke.

The only real pollutant in the house is the cat fur,
and I do not have an allergy to cat fur.
The thing that I am concerned about is this that if
your house is totally germ-free, and you have to go
outside often, and mingle with others and be exposed
to air conditioning, and ride on public transport, that if
you are only used to pure air, that you will not be able
to cope in the real world.

So, even though there seems to be an urgency to buy all
of these kinds of products whilst we are quarantined inside
due to the coronavirus, I do not really feel the need to buy
an air purifier and time soon.

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