Is Choosing A Partner Through Love Astrology A Good Idea?

Whether you believe in astrology and the impact of astrological signs on human life or not, it’s still very interesting to see the information and put it to practical use. I am not a person that studies astrological signs or anything like that, but I know enough about them. I also know that I’m a Virgo, and that so many people that I’ve hit it off with are a Taurus. It never fails, that sign keeps coming up over and over again.

For each astrological sign, there are other signs that are likely to get along with or not get along with the original astrological sign. In other words, Taurus is one of the signs that often gets along well with Virgos. You can look for partners that are a good match this way, and you might be surprised at how things play out. If you are keen to develop this understanding further then you can try and arrange for a specialist Astrologer to produce you a Synastry Chart. These charts essentially provide a compatibility calculation using birth charts that require your place and date of birth. The date shuld be as close to the minute as possible to allow greater accuracy.

Such a chart not a fool proof guide or a definite selection process but can inform your thinking. You sure can benefit from such information if you look at it the way I did when I saw how well I was getting along with people that were born under the Taurus zodiac sign. It’s very interesting because one person I really got along with was born in April, so I was thinking he was a Taurus, and eventually came to find out he was an Aries.I would not have been surprised by this had I had a Synastry chart produced early (which I eventually did)

It’s not like everyone with the same sign has the same personality, but you will often find that there might be similar personality traits that are appealing. The Taurus people I get along with are talkative, loyal, energetic, sometimes a little eccentric and also smart.

Even just using basic astrology you can dig deeper into the connections between the signs. I don’t know everything about the connections between other astrological signs and Virgo, but I did end up finding out what I’ve been telling you along the way.

Have you looked into the signs that best match up with you? You might want to know the signs to avoid, too, as that information might help you steer clear of a few individuals. I remember seeing the animal system that the Chinese have set up for birth years, too. Have you seen this chart before? Perhaps you’re currently in a relationship, and you’d like to see if you and your partner are astrologically compatible or not. See what you find out, and remember it doesn’t have to help you concretely choose your partners, but perhaps you find the information interesting and useful. Remember that use of a Birth chart can give you some very detailed insight into the relationship potential of other zodiac signs (and more importantly their character traits).