Why Do Some People Choose To Be Spiritual And Not Religious?

In a perfect world, those who are choosing to be spiritual would be religious. However, in today’s world, many are walking out of the doors of the churches vowing to never return. Does this make them no longer believers?

The short answer to this question is “no”. However, it’s much more complicated than that. In fact, just because someone chooses not to attend church, doesn’t mean that they’re not spiritual.

Is there something missing? Is it perhaps the minister, rabbi’s, priests or bishops fault? This is a complicated question.

Many people are seeking something but not finding it. So they go church hopping in hopes that perhaps they’re just missing it in the first few churches that they’ve tried. For some, this will ultimately end them up where they belong, for others, it will become a journey that ends them up as a spiritual person that isn’t religious.

So is there a gaping hole? Is there really something missing? Or, is it simply that churches of today are no longer a perfect fit like yesteryear?

Perhaps what they are truly searching for is answers to why there is so much poverty in America. Why is there so much uncertainty?

In their quest to be more spiritual, they find out more often than not that they don’t have to hearken the doors of a church to find peace and comfort.

By helping others and by focusing on being a part of the solution in lieu of the problem, they are finding that they can fulfill that hole in their sense of being.

In their quest for answers to some really tough questions, they’ve found that the answer is right in front of them and it doesn’t involve a brick and mortar church to be effective.

Too many churches of today are looking down on the poor and weak. They are creating more of an issue by judging and condemning instead of helping those who have less.

Instead of reaching out, they are recoiling afraid of the homeless. They aren’t recognizing that that homeless person may have lost many great friends in the war and been so deeply affected by it that they are unable to hold down a job and thus, unable to secure a safe home for themselves.

Being spiritual and not religious is facing the truth about such situations and instead of watching from afar, these folks are choosing to be a part of the solution.