Depression And Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem can ruin the mental health of a person and those with baja autoestima are more prone to depression. Those who have low self-esteem think negative about them and always expect failures in their activities. Over a period, this state of mind may lead them to more severe mental health problems like anxiety and depression. People with low self-esteem hesitate to take up new tasks or even to complete the task that they have already taken up out of the fear of defeat or failure. All their activities come to a standstill thereby making them unable to lead their life the way they really wanted. When days pass by they develop severe frustration and ultimately they become victims of mental depression. Many people have low levels of self confidence because of their low self-esteem and the lack of confidence prevents them from taking challenges at the workplace. As a result they fail to advance in their career and consequently become mentally depressed.

Low self-esteem and mental health problems help mutually

People with low self-esteem never want to face the problems so as to solve them but they try to run away from the problems. They prefer to hide away and never like to express their views or feelings. They wrongly believe that by remaining in isolation they can feel better. As a result of this unhelpful behavior and negative thinking their relationships also get affected and ultimately they are taken to drugs and alcohol. This will make their life more difficult and also they may develop many health problems physical and mental. Depression can be one of the mental health problems that they may develop in the long run. Low self-esteem and mental health problems like depression always facilitate each other. The mental health problems lead them to isolation and tempt them to think negative about them ultimately bringing down their self-esteem. While isolation and loneliness lead to low self-esteem, low self-esteem makes a person to develop negative opinion about him which in turn leads him to isolation.

Mental health problems can be prevented

While low self-esteem of a person makes him develop depression, depression takes his level of self-esteem further down. A person who has developed depression finds it difficult to stop thinking negative about himself because of his low self-esteem. However, such people should not consider it as a 100% impossible task. They can start doing things that they enjoy or the things in which they are good. This will help them to build up self-esteem and slowly they can gain self confidence. The task that they undertake can be of any type a paid assignment, volunteering or a hobby. Work as well as hobby helps people to keep their minds engaged and it helps them to have a routine of activities every day. From the activities they get either mental satisfaction or monetary benefit. They also get the opportunity to develop friendship and also they get an identity in the society. This will help them to effectively prevent mental health problems.

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