A Look At The Life Of Famous American Astrologer Evangeline Adams

Evangeline Adams is one of the most notable American astrologer of all time. Her career hit its pinnacle when she went to trial for practicing astrology, which the court considered fortune telling. The case was successfully thrown out and she was not convicted. In fact many prominent people came to her rescue and gave testimony to her character and value of her work. She did quite a bit of astrological work of course, but it’s her later work that she is most known for, as it was on the national level.

She perhaps is most famous for being the astrologer to J.P. Morgan who publically stated he used astrology in his business deals. Her clients included the wealthy and the middle class. Even her later work was of course early 20th century, with her death being in 1932. So, that means that much of her earlier work was in the late 19th century. What was it like to work as astrologer back then? You have the work you do in person, and then it’s said that she did work by mail as well and had a radio show.

You know about her books and her predictions, but that wasn’t until later. She became a certain type of public figure later whose few predictions that came true would stand, she is accredited with making astrology popular in the early 1900’s. Some of the predictions of Evangeline Adams include the stock market crash of 1929, World War II, the prediction of presidents as well as the astrology practice of everyday matters which include finding dates for important events.

Another interesting fact about Evangeline Smith Adams is that while she never married and never needed to rely on a man for financial support in a time when woman were not expected to work outside of the home. There is more to the story than that, she was extremely successful business woman. Although she pursued her career as a famous astrologer many people expected that she was a very gifted psychic. There are many accounts of her being able to tell an individual facts and details of their life that would be considered out of the normal range of a traditional astrology reading. Whether a straight astrologer or astrologer with deep intuitive side she made a deep impact for woman and astrology.