6 San Francisco Wedding Gift Ideas

It is a tradition and also courteous to go to a wedding with a gift but when the wedding is held in a unique city like San Francisco, you might have to think outside the box. Putting some thought into your gift makes the gift not only unique but special. There are a lot of gift ideas to choose that perfect gift for the newlyweds.

Here are a few gift ideas you can use when attending a wedding in San Francisco.

1. Hire A Second Photographer

The couple will probably have a wedding photographer hired already but you can surprise them big time by having another photographer taking the shots too. Just make sure you know a few things before hiring San Francisco wedding photographers.

The main photographer simply can’t be in more than one place at the same time to take pictures. While the ladies are getting ready upstairs, you don’t have anyone downstairs capturing candids of the guys. While the photographer is taking formal portraits of the wedding party after the ceremony, there is nobody to photograph the guests mingling. While the photo guy gets shots of the bride and her dad coming down the aisle, the first look expression of the groom will be missed. Having a second shooter could have helped in all three of those situations.

2. A cruise

A cruise is a lovely idea for a gift. In San Francisco, a Golden Gate by-cruise is a romantic gift that the couple will remember for a lifetime. This cruise allows them to see top attractions in the SF city from the water in a short amount of time. The ticket to the cruise is also open for one year, with multiple departures in a day, giving them enough time to plan for it.

3. Cooking Class

This is a perfect gift for that couple that loves cooking. San Francisco offers a lot when it comes to tasty cuisines and wine. It would be a great idea to send the couple to a cooking class in Napa. This gift will not only offer the couple a memorable time but also get them to learn something new.

4. Wine Glasses

This idea might sound tacky to most people but not for those who know a thing or two about San Francisco. The city is known as a great wine capital. You can add to this great idea by having the wine glasses engraved. This is a well thought out gift idea that will suit any couple.

5. A wine Tour

What a great way to know about the wine culture and the wine district of San Francisco. This tour gives you the chance to know all about the great wine capital. Buying this tour as a wedding gift for any couple whether residents or tourists will add a great romantic touch to their wedding. We all love to be part of something memorable, this is your chance.

6. Gourmet Coffee

San Francisco is also known for its gourmet coffee. In fact, there are some types of coffee that are only specific to the town. Getting special coffee samples as a wedding gift is indeed a nice gift idea and a well thought out one for any wedding in San Francisco. You can also choose to add some engraved souvenir coffee mugs to go with it. Either way, this gift idea will be loved by whoever you buy it for.

These gift ideas will not only make your gift stand out while attending a wedding in San Francisco but will also create memorable thoughts for the wedded couple. The couple will know you had them and the wedding in mind while picking a gift for them.