What To Do When You Are Struggling With Legal Costs

One of the common reasons people run to attorneys is to save their money – whether from a spouse they are divorcing or from business partners who want to sue and take whatever they can or from taxes being charged needlessly. But it is also a common fact that Mandurah legal services cost a lot and could deplete your finances. It is like spending money so that you could save your money.

When facing a criminal case and you are unable to pay for your own lawyer, the court will assign a lawyer to defend you but for civil cases, this is unlikely. Either you represent yourself or you find ways to fund yourself. And if you are unsuccessful in both, here are your options:

Go to a law school. It is acceptable to hire the services of a promising law student for legal advice. Law students are generally allowed to practice law under the guidance of a faculty member who is a practicing attorney. However, student practice regulations may vary so do check the rules in your area beforehand. A lot of law school clinics offer representation to individuals with low income, as well. As with the legal aid societies, you have to qualify first.

Look for assistance from legal aid societies. There are non-profit organizations that you can turn to. These are groups that provide mandurah legal services to people who are not capable of spending for legal costs. However, they have requirements before accepting your application and the most common issue here is that after some of the applicant’s documents are reviewed, they are considered to earn too much to qualify for the legal aid. Even if you earn little, it is not a guarantee that you’ll be granted assistance. Nevertheless, this is worth checking into.

Try negotiating. You can try getting the fees capped. They could turn out not as high as you expected them to be. You can look for a lawyer who is willing to give you a discount and even find a lawyer who will represent you pro bono. Some attorneys also take cases on contingency. If you lose the case, you won’t have to pay anything but if the court decides favourably, you will have to part a certain percentage of your money with your lawyer. In most cases, it is one-third of the amount. Be careful and make sure that the lawyer is of good reputation and that the fees are agreed upon beforehand.

It is not something that you’ll wish to experience but in case this happens, the above options are worth-trying.