Tips For Dating An Aquarius Guy

If you just met a guy born between 20th January and 18th February, and you are unsure whether he is the one, here are some useful tips to help you date an Aquarius guy!

1) Aquarius men are always stimulated by women who can match their intellect. Since they are knowledge seekers, they want to learn from their partners and share many adventures together intellectually. For instance, you can watch a documentary or check out bookstores or museums together as well as enjoy intellectual discussions about different topics.

2) An Aquarius guy will always be a good problem solver, especially if the problem requires an intellectual solution. He will not participate in any nonsense, especially gossip or try to provide assistance in issues without any practical solution. You should approach such a guy when looking for a logical solution to anything rather than venting.

3) The Aquarian male will always seek change and think about the future. In most situations, he will always take charge and become the leader. He can embrace anything bringing the new age. He also prefers to have someone by his side as he adopts the new changes rather than doing anything alone. Therefore, you should always be there for him in the big adventures and be one step ahead if possible.

4) Your guy will also desire some alone time every now and then. He might become aloof and when you start noticing that, its time to give him some space. Your man will need the time to enjoy new discoveries and some inner time allowing him to re-energize and recharge. During this time, you can also do your own thing and refresh the relationship with new ideas and adventures.

5) You will find that most of the inventors in the world are in the Aquarius sign because they see beyond the normal. They are innovative, creative and always seek out new things. Every once in a while, they will say strange things but that should not throw you away. Rather, you should accept, embrace and enjoy it since you are showing them much needed support.

6) You might notice that a few times your partner might be cold but it is because he will be too much in his head. You need to be there for him to open up and handle the intimacy issues whenever he is unwilling. Try to avoid becoming becoming cold too because he will become guarded. Rather, you should be the warmth he needs to survive the relationship.